Faces of 501: Dr. Pilar Mejia

Dr. Pilar Mejía has dedicated herself to Topeka Public Schools for the past 13 years. She has worked as a teacher, an ELL teacher, an ELL Secondary Instructional Coach, Dual Language Coordinator, Assistant Principal and now as the Principal at Highland Park Central Elementary.

“Before I worked for Topeka Public Schools I earned a degree in Fashion Design in Cali, Colombia, where I am originally from. I also received a master’s in Product Management Fashion, in Milan, Italy. I taught foreign languages, English, Italian and Spanish at Berlitz Language Institute in Cali, Colombia. When I came to the United States I earned a teaching a degree from Washburn University, a master’s degree from the University of Kansas and a doctorate from Kansas State University.”

“I went into teaching because I love children and I love learning. I wanted to share my passion for learning in hopes that I could transmit some of it to the students with whom I became in contact. I believe education changes and saves lives, and I wanted to be directly involved in providing to children the most powerful tools they could ever own.”

“I continued my education with an educational leadership doctorate because I am a lifelong learner, I wanted to expand my knowledge and, hopefully, my impact in the field of education.”

“My school, Highland Park Central is a gem! Its glow are the children's sparkly faces who show up to school every day, and do what they can to make the most out of it. And there are the staff... day in and day out, every adult in this building pours their heart out to ensure the students have the best day possible.”

“I want the students to be better than they were the day before. Hold your head up high and stay in school!” 

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