Faces of 501: Freddy Maisberger

Faces of 501: Freddy Maisberger, III
Freddy Maisberger has taught for Topeka Public Schools for the past 25 years, spending two years at Eisenhower Middle School and the rest at Highland Park High School. In that time Maisberger has never missed a day of work because of an illness or other reason. Maisberger teaches Social Studies, and coaches wrestling, cross country and track. The proud Highland Park alum, class of 1985, loves teaching at his alma mater saying it’s been fun to be a part of the changes throughout the years, getting to know the students and teaching former classmates’ kids who are now students is an interesting experience, reminding everyone how great his school is.

The only time I am not in the classroom would be due to coaching responsibilities such as a meet or a state competition. My record goes beyond my teaching career. I have never missed a day of work period.  Prior to teaching I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield for three years and never missed a day. I actually earned bonus percentages for perfect attendance.  I also retired after 20-years of service with the Kansas Air National Guard never missing any of my required work responsibilities. I’ve never missed a day because I am very driven and have high expectations.  I believe that if I expect the students to come to school every day and give their best then I must too. It has even started to irritate the students that I never miss and they don't get a day off with a substitute teacher. I take that challenge and make sure they know I will be here every day for them. It also offers them consistency and structure to their day. When I was a student I never missed a day in middle or high school. I did in elementary due to an illness such as chicken pox and mumps.  I have always enjoyed school and what it had to offer. I considered it a great day to come to school - my classes were fun and interesting most of the time, friends and of course participating in sports kept me motivated each day.”

            “My students can't believe that I’ve never missed a day, because I don't think they have met anyone that has gone to work every day and never missed. Even when I have told them I have never missed for the birth of my children and family deaths they find it hard to believe.  I have truly been blessed that I have not been ill or had any major family situations that may have required me taking time off.  I tell students to go to work whether it is school or a job. You will gain knowledge and experience while others are gone while gaining respect and admiration for being dependable and a hard worker.  Your actions speak louder than words and everything you do will impact your future.  Stay strong to your will to do your best, be respectful and be a valuable member of our society.”

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