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Faces of 501: Regina Ingle

Regina Ingle has worked for Topeka Public Schools in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) department as a bilingual certified parent educator since March of 2005. Parents as Teachers is an early childhood home visiting program designed to help parents learn more about parenting, child development and share information about resources in the community. In addition to making home visits Ingle leads a bilingual (Spanish and English) playgroup. If you are interested in PAT or any of their playgroups please call 274-6480 or find them “I have noticed that parents don’t think of themselves as ‘teachers,’ but parents do teach their children various things throughout their lives: how to hold a bottle, how to walk, talk, eat with a spoon, sit down, go to bed, manners, colors, etc. PAT teaches parents do those things in a fun way. We specifically focus on four skills: language, cognitive, social emotional and fine and gross motor. We also do developmental scre…

Faces of 501: Chris Keil

Topeka Police Officer Chris Keil is a proud graduate of Topeka Public Schools, attending Potwin Elementary, McCarter Elementary, French Middle School and Topeka West. After high school he earned his degree in Sociology from Baker University starting with the TPD in 2006, he has been the school resource officer at Jardine Middle School since the 2011 school year. 
“I love being in the school! I have a blast reminding the kids during football season or basketball season that I was a French Falcon! Over the years French and Jardine have shared a great rivalry in sports and it was the same when I was a student.  You played hard for every game but you got a little more excited when you saw French vs. Jardine on the schedule.  Outside of sports I think it makes connecting with the kids a little easier because we have so much in common.  I have hit that age where some of my classmates growing up are now parents to the students I have and that helps with familiarity and building connections. I…

Faces of 501: Adrianna Havens

Faces of 501: Adrianna HavensAdrianna Havens has taught for Topeka Public Schools for the past four years, as an AVID teacher and volleyball coach at Chase Middle School. Havens and her students from an after school art club have created two murals that feature the unique aspects of the school. It took two school years, plus summers from start to finish to complete the “Performing Arts and Chase Way” mural and a semester and a summer to finish the “Multicultural” mural. Ten students from the Chase art club volunteered to work on the murals, using their summer vacations to paint on a daily basis to finish the murals. The end result is two large murals that cover the entire length of a wall at Chase and a hallway that connects State Street Elementary to Chase Middle School and highlights both schools’ commitment to the Performing Arts. “The performing arts mural came from the performing arts teachers. They were motivated to have us brainstorm and create a mural that identified Chase as…

Faces of 501: Freddy Maisberger

Faces of 501: Freddy Maisberger, III Freddy Maisberger has taught for Topeka Public Schools for the past 25 years, spending two years at Eisenhower Middle School and the rest at Highland Park High School. In that time Maisberger has never missed a day of work because of an illness or other reason. Maisberger teaches Social Studies, and coaches wrestling, cross country and track. The proud Highland Park alum, class of 1985, loves teaching at his alma mater saying it’s been fun to be a part of the changes throughout the years, getting to know the students and teaching former classmates’ kids who are now students is an interesting experience, reminding everyone how great his school is.
“The only time I am not in the classroom would be due to coaching responsibilities such as a meet or a state competition. My record goes beyond my teaching career. I have never missed a day of work period.  Prior to teaching I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield for three years and never missed a day. I actua…