Faces of 501: Joan Anderson

Faces of 501: Joan Anderson 

Joan Anderson is the nighttime supervisor for the custodial crew at Topeka High, where she manages a crew of six. She's in her fourth year working at Topeka High, with the first two working for Key Staffing and the last two with Topeka Public Schools. Anderson has been a bright spot on the night crew, making sure that their work runs smoothly, with her supervisor pointing out that she's one of the best hires that they've ever made. 

“When I first came here I knew that this was going to be home. The people here at the school are so friendly and they welcome you in. I knew this was going to be home and this was the job for me. I’m a cleaner, I like to clean. I like what I do and I like my guys and that’s the way it should be. You should be able to work with your people. We’ve spent a lot of time with the floors, it’s been neat to redo them and bring them back to the way they originally were. It makes you feel good to fix up thing that have been neglected. We take a lot of pride in our floors and lots of pride in what it is now compared to what it was. I like taking care of this building.”

“We do have kids that notice the work that is being done. There are kids that help out toward the end of the school year and they realize they don’t want to do this as a job because it’s hard and a lot of work. There’s kids that notice and say you are doing a good job, there’s a lot of kids that come up and help at games and the ROTC kids are great with helping with tables and chairs. It makes me feel good when people say thank you, we get a lot of thank you notes from kids and teachers that show their appreciation. It’s a good feeling.” 

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