Faces of 501: Cindy Toyne

Faces of 501:Cindy Toyne 

Having worked for TPS since Oct. 1993, starting as an office paraprofessional, and now has been an administrative assistant for the last 21 years. Cindy Toyne gets to know the students as the gate keeper to the principal’s office and she encourages them that even though high school is a tough experience in their lives, it’s not the end of their story.

GRADUATION IT'S NOT THE END....IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! I try and let the students know that once they have reached graduation that it is a new beginning -- another different and new beginning in their life and they can become whatever they want... go on to further schooling, military or think a while more to figure what it is they want to do with their life. I tell them that when they just come in to talk or when they are waiting to talk with Mr. Noll because something has happened here at school that needs attention. I am not sure if it sinks in right away, but I feel it helps when they do figure it out. I also try to teach them about respect. If you have respect for other and respect with come back. It’s also important to have respect for yourself, it will get you through the hard times and make the good times better.” 

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