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Faces of 501: Cindy Toyne

Faces of 501:Cindy Toyne Having worked for TPS since Oct. 1993, starting as an office paraprofessional, and now has been an administrative assistant for the last 21 years. Cindy Toyne gets to know the students as the gate keeper to the principal’s office and she encourages them that even though high school is a tough experience in their lives, it’s not the end of their story. “GRADUATION IT'S NOT THE END....IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! I try and let the students know that once they have reached graduation that it is a new beginning -- another different and new beginning in their life and they can become whatever they want... go on to further schooling, military or think a while more to figure what it is they want to do with their life. I tell them that when they just come in to talk or when they are waiting to talk with Mr. Noll because something has happened here at school that needs attention. I am not sure if it sinks in right away, but I feel it helps when they do figure it ou…

Faces of 501: Marie Carter

Faces of 501: Marie Carter Marie Carter, is now a volunteer with Topeka Public Schools. Prior to retiring earlier this year, Carter worked at TPS for 25 years spending her career in the human resources department. Carter started as a benefits clerk, human resources assistant and retiring as the certified personnel manager. Eight years ago she started the middle school intern program at the Burnett Center, giving teens the chance to get work experience in a professional environment to learn what would be required of them in the work force. One of her favorite tasks with the interns is to show them the senior notebook, which they use throughout high school and beyond. 
“I love presenting the senior notebook to the summer interns. They learn to organize, follow-up, write resumes, cover letters and practice oral interviews. This notebook is designed to assist students through their post high school years. When the students are given the opportunity to see what they are capable of…WOW. Ma…

Faces of 501: Sal Cruz

Faces of 501: Sal CruzSal Cruz has worked for Topeka Public Schools for the past 25 years, serving as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, van driver and is best known as a drum line coach for Topeka High School. This school year he took a step forward in his career by becoming a certified teacher, working at Randolph and Stout Elementary, Robinson Middle School and Topeka High School as a band teacher. 
“I spend a lot of time, work, dedication and commitment to the kids in the program, I am so lucky that God has placed on my heart the desire to teach and reach students. I use the drums as the tool used to inspire students to strive to become better people and instill pride in themselves when they succeed. There is nothing more powerful than the feeling of believing in yourself. It is not always an easy road and most do not continue with music, but many become successful in life because of the lessons they have had being a part of our drum line program. I feel the lessons taught in…

Faces of 501: Joan Anderson

Faces of 501: Joan Anderson  Joan Anderson is the nighttime supervisor for the custodial crew at Topeka High, where she manages a crew of six. She's in her fourth year working at Topeka High, with the first two working for Key Staffing and the last two with Topeka Public Schools. Anderson has been a bright spot on the night crew, making sure that their work runs smoothly, with her supervisor pointing out that she's one of the best hires that they've ever made.  “When I first came here I knew that this was going to be home. The people here at the school are so friendly and they welcome you in. I knew this was going to be home and this was the job for me. I’m a cleaner, I like to clean. I like what I do and I like my guys and that’s the way it should be. You should be able to work with your people. We’ve spent a lot of time with the floors, it’s been neat to redo them and bring them back to the way they originally were. It makes you feel good to fix up thing that have been …

Faces of 501: Jeremy Guerrero

Faces of 501: Jeremy Guerrero Jeremy Guerrero, food service, Kanza Cafe, has worked for Topeka Public Schools for the past eight years. On a daily basis he works with his wife, Sylvia, and together they own the barbecue business, JLG BBQ. Their schedule of barbecue events can be found on their Facebook page.
“I used to hang out with my grandpa when we would barbecue for the family. I watched him and asked how he knew when it was time to flip the food and when it was done. I took a foods class in high school and a got a job at Johnny’s BBQ in Kansas City. The years go by and it seemed like I was getting better at it, so I grilled out with my grandpa and he told me how good it was and that I did an awesome job, which meant the world to me. 18 years ago I bought a smoker and everybody loved it, and my grandpa said you have to take this BBQ to another level, so three years ago I started barbecuing at a friend’s bar and grill, last year I bought a food station and this past March I got a c…