TPS honors LEAP Award winners

Topeka West teachers Chris Perry and Corey Wilson celebrate with senior Linda Deng at the LEAP Awards. 

Topeka Public Schools recently celebrated a group of students for the first ever LEAP Awards. LEAP stands for Learning, Engaging, Adapting and Preparing. Students from the Highland Park, Topeka West, Hope Street Academy and Topeka High School were selected as the first class of LEAP winners.

The students honored were Dayonde' Wheeler, Khalilah Davis and Linda Deng all of Topeka West. Benjamin Zhang, Celestial Simonson, Isabelle Smallback and Obioma Nwakpuda of Topeka High. Kelly Nemecheck of Hope Street Academy. Aspen Hearne, Ca'ttia Thomas and Phillip White of Highland Park.

Topeka High seniors Obi Nwakpuda, left, and Celeste Simonson.  
Topeka Public Schools Board of Education President Patrick Woods talks with Highland Park senior Phil White.

The inaugural LEAP Awards were held in the Topeka High School cafeteria. 

Topeka West senior Linda Deng, right, shakes hands with TPS Board of Education members Janel Johnson and Patrick Woods.  
Topeka West junior Dayonde' Wheeler, left and Topeka West teacher Andrea York. 

Hope Street Academy Principal Dale Noll, left, and senior Kelly Nemecheck. 
TPS Board of Education member Dr. Peg McCarthy, left, shakes hands with Highland Park senior Aspen Hearne.

Topeka High teacher Cathy Terrell, left, and senior Obi Nwakpuda. 

Topeka High principal Rebecca Morrisey hugs senior Izzy Smallback. 

TPS Board of Education member Nancy Kirk, left, shakes hands with Topeka High senior Izzy Smallback. 

Topeka High senior Celeste Simonson, left, and Topeka High teacher Janice Waldo. 

TPS Board of Education member Rev. John Williams, left, shakes the hand Topeka High senior Benjy Zhang. 

The Highland Park High School Air Force JROTC presented the colors. 

TPS Superintendent Tiffany Anderson, left, talks with Topeka West junior Dayonde' Wheeler.  

Topeka High senior Benjy Zhang, left, talks with TPS Board of Education member Nancy Kirk. 

The Topeka West Premier Strings kicked off the evening by playing at the reception. 

Highland Park teacher Chad Brown, left, talks about senior Phil White. 

TPS Honors 2017 Distinguished Staff Members

Topeka Public Schools honored the 2017 Distinguished Staff Award winners on April 12 at French Middle School. The winners of these awards have a total of 191 years of service to TPS. The award is the highest honor that TPS bestows on their employees.

Here are this year's winners of the Distinguished Staff Awards:

2017 Distinguished Staff Award honorees with the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education. 

 Marcus Clark, Custodial, Highland Park High School, right, hugs TPS School Board President Patrick Woods. 

 Steven Crawford, Paraeducator, Chase Middle School, right, with Principal Dr. Keith Jones. 

 Dustin Dick, Building Leader, Topeka West, right, with TPS School Board Vice-President Dr. Michael Morrison. 

 Debbie Dickerson, Elementary Educator, Stout Elementary, left, with Principal John Litfin. 

 Peggy Fisher, Certified Support Staff, Lundgren Education Center, right, with Dr. Jennifer Barnhart. 

 Denise Good, Classified Support Staff, Burnett Center, right, with Marie Carter. 

 Michael Hoover, Food Service, Eisenhower Middle School, right, with Principal Leosha Giardina. 

 Elena Ramirez-Johnson, Office Personnel, Highland Park High School, left, with Principal Dr. Beryl New. 

Jessica McHenry, First-Year Teacher Secondary, Eisenhower Middle School, left, with Principal Leosha Giardina.  

 Ellie Myers, First-Year Teacher Elementary, McEachron Elementary, right, with Principal Vic Williams. 

 Kirsten Cigler Nelson, High School Educator, Topeka High School. 

 Larry Robbins, District Leader, Burnett Center, right with TPS Superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson. 

Robert Schawo, Middle School Educator, Jardine Middle School, right, with TPS School Board President Patrick Woods. 

For more photos of the event check out the TPS Facebook gallery

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