Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dr. Tiffany Anderson Presents Nationally on Trauma and Equity

Dr. Tiffany Anderson is presenting nationally on topics focused on health and wellness and on closing achievement gaps. This month she was invited by the Kellogg Foundation to train their board and Battle Creek, MI educators on practices she has used to lead trauma informed initiatives in her past and in Topeka. Following the training, TPS staff are in the process of submitting a grant to Kellogg for funding for early childhood programs and expanding early childhood family health services. Today, Dr. Anderson has joined leading researchers and authors to present on intervention services in schools. While some TPS educators are training this week at KU on tiered intervention strategies, others are in Utah, being trained at a conference on equity. Staff members are also recruiting teachers while at the conference. The link to the conference can be viewed here: Truman Medical Center in Kansas City will host their annual conference focused on mental and behavioral health support services for students at the annual Trauma Sensitive Schools Team Summit where Dr. Anderson will serve as the keynote. To learn more about Trauma Sensitive Schools through Truman Medical's Behavioral Health unit click here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

TPS honors LEAP Award winners

Topeka West teachers Chris Perry and Corey Wilson celebrate with senior Linda Deng at the LEAP Awards. 

Topeka Public Schools recently celebrated a group of students for the first ever LEAP Awards. LEAP stands for Learning, Engaging, Adapting and Preparing. Students from the Highland Park, Topeka West, Hope Street Academy and Topeka High School were selected as the first class of LEAP winners.

The students honored were Dayonde' Wheeler, Khalilah Davis and Linda Deng all of Topeka West. Benjamin Zhang, Celestial Simonson, Isabelle Smallback and Obioma Nwakpuda of Topeka High. Kelly Nemecheck of Hope Street Academy. Aspen Hearne, Ca'ttia Thomas and Phillip White of Highland Park.

Topeka High seniors Obi Nwakpuda, left, and Celeste Simonson.  
Topeka Public Schools Board of Education President Patrick Woods talks with Highland Park senior Phil White.

The inaugural LEAP Awards were held in the Topeka High School cafeteria. 

Topeka West senior Linda Deng, right, shakes hands with TPS Board of Education members Janel Johnson and Patrick Woods.  
Topeka West junior Dayonde' Wheeler, left and Topeka West teacher Andrea York. 

Hope Street Academy Principal Dale Noll, left, and senior Kelly Nemecheck. 
TPS Board of Education member Dr. Peg McCarthy, left, shakes hands with Highland Park senior Aspen Hearne.

Topeka High teacher Cathy Terrell, left, and senior Obi Nwakpuda. 

Topeka High principal Rebecca Morrisey hugs senior Izzy Smallback. 

TPS Board of Education member Nancy Kirk, left, shakes hands with Topeka High senior Izzy Smallback. 

Topeka High senior Celeste Simonson, left, and Topeka High teacher Janice Waldo. 

TPS Board of Education member Rev. John Williams, left, shakes the hand Topeka High senior Benjy Zhang. 

The Highland Park High School Air Force JROTC presented the colors. 

TPS Superintendent Tiffany Anderson, left, talks with Topeka West junior Dayonde' Wheeler.  

Topeka High senior Benjy Zhang, left, talks with TPS Board of Education member Nancy Kirk. 

The Topeka West Premier Strings kicked off the evening by playing at the reception. 

Highland Park teacher Chad Brown, left, talks about senior Phil White. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

TPS Honors 2017 Distinguished Staff Members

Topeka Public Schools honored the 2017 Distinguished Staff Award winners on April 12 at French Middle School. The winners of these awards have a total of 191 years of service to TPS. The award is the highest honor that TPS bestows on their employees.

Here are this year's winners of the Distinguished Staff Awards:

2017 Distinguished Staff Award honorees with the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education. 

 Marcus Clark, Custodial, Highland Park High School, right, hugs TPS School Board President Patrick Woods. 

 Steven Crawford, Paraeducator, Chase Middle School, right, with Principal Dr. Keith Jones. 

 Dustin Dick, Building Leader, Topeka West, right, with TPS School Board Vice-President Dr. Michael Morrison. 

 Debbie Dickerson, Elementary Educator, Stout Elementary, left, with Principal John Litfin. 

 Peggy Fisher, Certified Support Staff, Lundgren Education Center, right, with Dr. Jennifer Barnhart. 

 Denise Good, Classified Support Staff, Burnett Center, right, with Marie Carter. 

 Michael Hoover, Food Service, Eisenhower Middle School, right, with Principal Leosha Giardina. 

 Elena Ramirez-Johnson, Office Personnel, Highland Park High School, left, with Principal Dr. Beryl New. 

Jessica McHenry, First-Year Teacher Secondary, Eisenhower Middle School, left, with Principal Leosha Giardina.  

 Ellie Myers, First-Year Teacher Elementary, McEachron Elementary, right, with Principal Vic Williams. 

 Kirsten Cigler Nelson, High School Educator, Topeka High School. 

 Larry Robbins, District Leader, Burnett Center, right with TPS Superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson. 

Robert Schawo, Middle School Educator, Jardine Middle School, right, with TPS School Board President Patrick Woods. 

For more photos of the event check out the TPS Facebook gallery

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HPHS Key Club Students Attend State Conference

HPHS Key Club Students Attend State Conference

Twelve Highland Park High School Key Club students started their spring break attending the 67th annual Key Club District leadership conference in Wichita. At the conference, students from various parts of Kansas heard from guest speakers, shared ideas on how to better serve their communities and completed in different categories.

Congratulations to Jonathan Lozano, who ran for District Officer and will serve as this year's Division 11 Lieutenant Governor. Cassandra Santiago won first place on her solo performance of Sapphische Ode by Brahms, which she sang in the Talent Contest. Marineth Ordinal won second place in the Impromptu Essay Contest in which she composed in 45 minutes.

Club Sponsor, Bria Collins, wants to give special thanks to Mr. Nathan Cooper for driving and chaperoning the trip. To Ms. Angie Davis and Ms. Monica Augusto for their help in arranging transportation and billing. The Key Club is sponsored by the Southwest and Downtown Topeka Kiwanis and each club generously donated to cover the remaining costs of the conference fees and lodging.

Key Club is an international student-led organization to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Topeka Center for Advanced Learning (TCALC)

The Topeka Center for Advanced Learning (TCALC) is underway with four pathways: Teaching and Training, Medical Science, Environmental and Energy, and Engineering Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing. Teachers are attending the 8th grade parent nights at each of the high schools and Hope Street Academy Career Fair to visit with students and parents of the opportunities of the program for juniors and seniors.

Enrollment is now being secured for 2017-18. Requirements for enrollment: on track for graduation, junior or senior status, willing to be on teams with students across the district, and following business ethics in class and projects working with business. If a parent or student has any questions, they can contact Eileen Caspers, General Director of School and Career Programs at 785-295-3041 or email:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dr. Anderson Takes Part in National Discussion

The Aspen Institute, an international organization, has involved Topeka superintendent in national discussion on educational policies. The Senior Congressional Education Staff Network convenes annually and is involving the Topeka superintendent the national discussion. 

In February, a small group of 30 people comprised of Congressional staffers from the Senate and House education and workforce committees, experts from across the country and Aspen staff will meet to review and discuss policies on the implementation of federal education policy on states, districts and schools. Dr. Anderson is one of the selected experts as a result of her past work impacting eliminating achievement gaps and her current work on the Every Child Succeeds Act. 

The prior Aspen Institute panel discussion involving the superintendent can be seen here