Chase Middle School Holds Mock Election

On October 27th Chase Middle School held a mock election to help students understand the power of voting. The social studies classes discussed topics related to the election for two weeks before voting, including learning about the political parties, this year's candidates, and the history of equal voting rights. Each student had the opportunity to cast their vote during their lunch period, with 73% of the student body participating in the election.

Each student that voted received an "I Voted" sticker. The ballots, stickers and voting signs were donated by Shawnee County. Students were asked to bring their school ID in order to vote. Chase Middle School let everyone vote despite the fact that only 26% of the voters had their student ID.


"We used this as a teachable moment showing that in real life they would not have been able to vote if they didn't have their license. But our focus was to teach the students the process and give them experience in the voting process." said Dr. Keith Jones, Chase Middle School principal.

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