Scott Students Paint Murals

Students enrolled in Scott Dual Language Magnet School's summer school program not only kept up with their language and math skills, they also helped enhance the school with their art skills.

The students all contributed to two new murals in the school, one in a hallway and one in the library. They were guided by local artist Luis Ramirez, who developed the ideas for the murals and outlined them on the walls. The students came together in groups each day to add color to the pieces.

The mural in the school’s hallway appears to be a rendering of the Brown v. Board of Education Historical Site. However, it is actually inspired by a different civil rights case: Mendez v. Westminster. The Mendez v. Westminster case bears striking resemblances to the Brown v. Board case, but it occurred eight years earlier and involved nine-year-old Sylvia Mendez who, like young Linda Brown, sought to attend school with her white counterparts. Attorney Thurgood Marshall represented both Sylvia and Linda in their respective cases and even used some of the same arguments from Mendez to win Brown v. Board of Education. Sylvia Mendez helped pave the way for the Brown v. Board case, and Scott Magnet now boasts a beautiful tribute to this young woman.

For the mural in the library, Ramirez was inspired by award winning Mexican-American poet Francisco Alarcon. Alarcon was a bi-lingual, bi-national and bi-cultural writer… a fitting subject for Scott Magnet, a dual- language school that boasts many students and staff with backgrounds similar to the poet.

Thank you, Mr. Ramirez, for helping our students learn about art, history and poetry this summer!

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