TPS Honors Distinguished Staff Members

On Wednesday, April 6th, Topeka Public Schools honored our 2016 Distinguished Staff Award recipients. We are fortunate to have an abundance of dedicated staff members, making it extremely difficult for our panel of judges to select the 14 candidates most deserving of the award.

Here are the employees who were presented with the 2016 Distinguished Staff Award, the highest honor Topeka Public Schools can bestow on an employee:

Jason Berryman,
High School Educator Category, Topeka West High School



Leo Cangiani,
Classified Support Staff Category, Scott Magnet

Daniele Clearwater,
Paraprofessional Category,
Capital City Schools

Ruben Cruz,
Custodial Category,
Quincy Elementary

Samantha Hershberger, First Year Teacher, Elementary/Pre-K Category, Pine Ridge Prep

Jessica Hodson,
Operations and Maintenance Category,
Service Center

Megan Hossain, Elementary Educator Category, Shaner Elementary

Raquel Jackson, Office Personnel Category, Burnett Center

Roger Laubengayer-Mena,
First Year Teacher, Secondary Category,
Highland Park High School

Carla Nolan,
District Leader Category,
Burnett Center


Dale Noll,
Building Leader Category,
Hope Street Academy

Lauren Peel,
Middle School Educator Category, Eisenhower Middle School

Dr. Julie Putnam,
Certified Support Staff Category, Burnett Center

Susie Wells, Food Service Category, Topeka West High School

We would like to thank Carolyn Voth and her orchestra students from Topeka West High School for providing wonderful music for the event, as well as Fernando Adams and his JROTC students for their excellent job presenting the colors. Landon Middle School's Building Operator, Scott Larsen, was a tremendous help in preparing for the event; thank you, Scott!


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