Jardine Students Attend Career Fair

In recognition of Black History Month, Jardine Middle School students recently took part in a career expo.

Twenty African-American community leaders signed on to speak to students about their career paths and the skills and training necessary to achieve success in the professional world. Many Jardine students were invited to take part in this event, where they were able to meet and converse with local black leaders. “We want our students to be aware that they can achieve their full potential,” said Jardine principal Mike Haire.

Some of the presenters included TPS administrators Larry Robbins, Dr. Beryl New, Dr. Jennifer Gordon and Leosha Giardina. The Topeka Metro Operations Director, the Marian Clinic Director, a corrections officer, an accountant, a social worker and an IT specialist were some of the other presenters.

 The students were clearly intrigued by the guest speakers and listened attentively as they learned about different careers. They had the opportunity to ask many questions, and the presenters also took time to find out more about the students’ goals as well.

 We think this is a creative, informative way to celebrate Black History Month—way to go, Jaguars!!

Check out more pics here:

Thank you to all of this morning’s presenters:

Al Bradley- Operations for Topeka Metro
Linda, Canady- Mary Kay Cosmetics
Lesia Carter- THS Social Worker
Glenda Duboise- Interim Director of Marian Clinic
Fiana Martin- Clinical Social Worker
Dr. Jennifer Gordon- McClure Elementary Principal
Leosha Giardina- IKE Assistant Principal
Joan Hicks- Accountant
Trenton James- Corrections
Trevin James- IT Governance Analyst
Dr. Beryl New- HPHS Prinicpal
Michele Flueranges-Parker
Larry Robbins- Director Superintendent of Operations
Akilah Scott- Accountant
Timothy Smith- HPHS Classroom Teacher
Yolanda Taylor- Photographer/Veteran Affairs
Ashley Wallace- I.T. Specialist
Glenda Washington- Go Topeka
Leslie Fleuranges- Director of Upstream Innovation-- Hills Pet Nutrition
Lynn Smith- Parrs
Officier Gene Dixon- Law Enforcement
Dr. Norma Juma- College Professor

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