Wanted: Businesses Offering Free WiFi

The middle and high school students of Topeka Unified School District 501 need safe, reliable
locations to access wireless Internet so they can complete their course work. The City of Topeka
and USD 501 are turning to the surrounding communities for help.

"Many of our kids and families do not have Internet access at home and rely on free WiFi spots
to complete their homework, use educational web solutions and research educational topics in
the after school hours,” said Dr. Michael Hester, general director of secondary education.
“Please join The City of Topeka and USD 501 as partners to connect all of our community to
global opportunities.”

If you own or operate a business within a half-mile radius of any USD 501 secondary school and
would be willing to allow these students free access to your wireless Internet, please contact
Monique Glaudé at mglaude@topeka.org or 368-4470 by Dec. 31. Please refer to the attached
map for school locations.

We will get you a decal (see below) to stick on a window of your business, signifying to the
students they can use your WiFi signal without obligation of purchase. We will post your
business information on an interactive map on both the City’s and USD 501 administration’s
websites, so students can know where to go. Maps specific to each school will be posted on the
website of each school.

We would like to announce the program after the first of the year, when students are back in
school, so they can be prepared to tackle this semester.

“A quality education is critical to the development and success of our students,” said Topeka
Mayor Larry Wolgast. “Today, that success has become contingent upon access to the Internet.
The City is committed to helping these students find a safe, secure place to finish their
assignments and prepare for class for their betterment, and for the betterment of our
community as a whole.”

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