Westar Donates All-Electric Truck to TPS

 Westar Energy has gifted Topeka Public Schools with an electric truck valued at over $100,000. Westar Senior Vice President Jerl Banning was on hand to present the vehicle to the TPS Board of Education and district administrators on November 19, and spoke about the importance of the gift.
“Fully electric vehicles will save the district money while also giving students an opportunity to learn about electric vehicles. At Westar, ten percent of our vehicles are operated by an electric battery, so we know something about them, and we’re happy to let students of Topeka Public Schools
learn about them for their futures,” Banning said.
In addition to the electric truck, Westar also donated a charging station, located at Quinton Heights Education Center.
Westar Energy has partnered with Topeka Public Schools since 2010 and provides numerous educational opportunities for our students and staff, including curriculum development, academic pathways, job shadowing, internships, scholarships and hands-on learning opportunities, among many others.
Thank you, Westar Energy, for your very generous donation to Topeka Public Schools!

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