Students Help Fight Cancer

Students at French Middle School are doing their part to raise money for children and families dealing with childhood cancer.

We caught up with several students at last night’s French MS volleyball game, where they were selling candy apples to raise money. Serenity Meyer, one of the students who organized the fundraiser, said the kids in her Advisor Base (AB) came up with the idea. “We saw a video on YouTube and thought it was really sad that kids
with childhood cancer sometimes die, so we thought if we could make a difference it would be better. We started selling cookies and chocolate bars and sodas at school games.” So far, the students have raised over $100.
Serenity was assisted at last night’s game by Gage Bermauer, Jayvian Jones and Kathryn Dugan. Mrs. Downs, French science teacher and the students’ AB teacher, said she and the kids worked as a team to gather the supplies and coordinate the sales. Other students have participated in food sales at other games.

The money raised will go to the Love,Chloe Foundation, which assists students who miss school due to cancer and helps fund research to find a cure.

Way to go, Falcons!

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