Ross Students Get Hair Cuts

Ross Elementary’s 5th grade boys recently got the opportunity to read to guests and get spiffy, new haircuts at the same time.
Thanks to the efforts of Ross’s Community Liaison Timothy Smith, the boys were treated to a visit by five local barbers. The barbers volunteered their time to give haircuts to the young men in exchange for a story. While the boys read, the barbers went to work, trimming and cutting each child’s hair.
One of the stylists was Wanda Collins, owner of Center Stage barber shop. With nine years of experience, Wanda is a pro who loves working with kids. “Kids are very talkative and they ask a lot of questions, so I love to work with them,” she said.
The event was a fun and different way for the boys to practice their reading skills. “We’re always trying to find different educational experiences for our kids. Some of the things that we have to do in school can get a bit stale, so anytime we can think outside the box and provide a different experience for our kids, we’re open to that,” Smith said.
Not only did the boys get their hair cut, they also got to see that folks in their community care about them. Smith noted, “We have a fabulous staff here at Ross and they work extremely hard to help the kids achieve their academic benchmarks, but any time we can get community stakeholders to come inside the school, it’s a win-win situation. We have people in Topeka that care about the children growing up here and want to give something back to them.”

Thank you to the barbers who volunteered their time this morning!

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