Cyclist Rides to Robinson Middle School

Throughout their years in school, TPS students will inevitably listen to many guest speakers. However, few have stories quite as exciting as Chris Figureida’s. A professional adventurer, Chris stopped in at Robinson Middle School yesterday to talk to the students about his travels around the world. He is currently on his seventh trek across the country on his bicycle, and he took time out of his journey to speak to the kids about making healthy choices in their lives.

Having... cycled over 30,000 miles in the United States alone means Chris has seen his fair share of inclement weather. His adventures have included cycling just outside Greensburg, Kansas, during the 2007 tornado, pushing his bike through mud during Hurricane Irene, and biking through a blizzard in Alaska. His longest journey was when he biked from the lowest sea level point in North America-- Death Valley, CA-- to Mount Denali in Alaska (the highest point on the continent), which he then climbed. Upon his decent, he mounted his bike and rode back to California. The trip spanned 7,700 miles and took five months.

Chris also showed the students his high-tech gear, including a solar panel that he uses to charge all of his electronic devices. He also carries a GPS and a tracking device in case of an emergency. Though Rotary members often host him in their homes during his travels, he frequently camps out in a tent as he makes his way across the US. He showed the students his lightweight, state-of-the-art camping equipment, all of which folds up or compresses to make it easier to carry on his bike.

In addition to telling the students about his experiences, Chris also told them the many ways he uses math, science and technology when he’s riding. From calculating his mileage and routes, to working with the gears on his bike, to utilizing the latest gadgets, Chris is always using the skills he learned in school.
The kids loved hearing about Chris’s fantastic journeys and had lots of questions for the adventurer. We hope they were inspired to partner their knowledge with physical activity in their own lives.

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