Kansas Education Commissioner Visits Topeka Public Schools

Dr. Randy Watson, the Kansas Education Commissioner, today got to see first-hand some of the great programs serving the students and families of Topeka Public Schools.  Superintendent Dr. Julie Ford and Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Tammy Austin, took Watson to Highland Park High School so he could see and learn about the robotics programs.  He also visited a bio-medical technology class at the school.  Commissioner Watson also toured the Pine Ridge Facilities that serves pre-school students and their families, Scott Dual Language School and the Kanza Education and Science Park.

Watson says school district tours, since as the one today, allows him to get out and see what is happening in schools across Kansas.  He is visiting the larger school districts like Topeka first, but hopes to visit as many small school districts as possible.  “I want to learn and listen about the issues, the problems, the things that we can correct at the education department,” said Watson.  “Things I can advocate for and areas where we can make our local efforts even better.”

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