Casino Delivers School Supplies to TPS

The people who work at the Prairie Band Casino and Resort like doing things for kids.  With reduced funding for public education, they decided to ask casino patrons to bring school supplies to the casino and did they respond.   “We had people with truckloads of supplies arrive at the casino.  We would help them unload the supplies.  They would get free play for their donations,” said Casino Marketing Manager Joy Knudson.

Being the largest school district in the area, Topeka Public Schools was the top choice of many people.  Before the August 20 school board meeting, a large Prairie Band Casino and Resort truck pulled up in front of the Burnett Center.  Casino workers began unloading box after box of school supplies, 44 boxes to be exact.

Ten of the big boxes of school supplies were placed in the room where the school board meets.  When board members entered the room, they were surprised to see all the school supplies.  John Tuckwin, director of casino marketing, told board members about the school supply drive which took place in one day.  He and his fellow workers had their picture taken with Superintendent Dr. Julie Ford and board of education members.  It was a great way to begin a school board meeting.

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