LOB Authorization Vote Passes

June 16, 2015

 Voters gave the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education the authority to increase its Local Option Budget by an additional 3% today (from 30% to 33%).  The mail in ballot unofficial totals are 7,191 (50.37%) in favor and 7,085 (49.63%) against.  The vote will not become official until Shawnee County Commissioners canvas the vote on June 22.

The board of education now has the authority to increase the LOB by 1%, 2%, but no more than 3% of its state financial aid, if needed.  Superintendent Dr. Julie Ford said, “With the state’s current financial situation, it is great to know the community understands the challenges facing our school district. I want to say thank you to the Topeka Public Schools community for your continuing support of public education.”

The Topeka Public Schools Board of Education asked for a public vote on the Local Option Budget after funding cuts made to public education during this legislative session. Topeka Public Schools is losing $3.6 million due to the cuts. 

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