Students Give Helping Hand to Helping Hands

The students in Lori Yoder’s Work Study class at Topeka West High School were recently named Group Volunteer of the Year by Helping Hands Humane Society. The class of 5 students walks to the animal shelter every Wednesday and spends time cleaning the center and interacting with the animals.
HHHS Executive Director Dick Kline appreciates the commitment the students have made to the animals. “We were very happy to acknowledge the work these students have done at Helping Hands,” he said. Kline was also pleased to be able to offer opportunities to the student of Yoder’s class. “There are things kids need to learn that aren’t necessarily taught in the classroom.”
The students enjoy their time at Helping Hands Humane Society. Shelby, a senior, said that her favorite part of working at the shelter is spending time with the dogs. In fact, she even came over to volunteer during her spring break this year. She hopes to be a veterinarian technician someday.
Another student, Michael, loves spending his volunteer time socializing the center’s cats. And the felines clearly adore Michael; they gravitate toward his lap to snuggle up for a bit whenever he visits.

Congratulations to Ms. Yoder and her students for winning this award. Topeka Public Schools is proud to have students and staff making a difference in the community!

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