Little Caesars Love Kitchen Stops at Meadows Elementary

The students of Meadows Elementary were in for a fun lunchtime treat recently when the Little Caesars Love Kitchen pulled up outside their school.

Thanks to the efforts of Little Caesars franchise owner Darren Knox and community volunteer Phil Ritchey, the Love Kitchen was able to make a special stop the school. The Love Kitchen is an 18-wheeler that boasts a full kitchen and travels around the country making pizzas for those in need. When Ritchey and Knox heard that the truck would be in the area, they teamed up to bring it to Meadows Elementary. Knox's employees worked on the truck to make 100 pizzas for the students before the truck departed to Des Moines, Iowa to feed the homeless later in the day.

According to the Little Caesars website, the Love Kitchen has been traveling the U.S. and Canada since 1985 and has fed more than 2 million people. It often visits the sites of natural disasters, supporting people when they need it most.

Knox, who owns many Little Caesars restaurants in Kansas, was more than happy to provide support and ingredients so that the Meadows students could have a special treat. "We really enjoy being able to give back to the community," he said.

In addition to fresh pepperoni pizza, the children also enjoyed a visit from officers from the Topeka Police Department, who passed out stickers and smiles.

Thank you to all who worked to make this special lunch happen!!

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