Pat Mahoney - Above & Beyond

Meet Pat Mahoney, Topeka Public Schools' latest Above and Beyond Award winner...
After a full day in the classroom, most students aren’t interested in going to another classroom, but that is not the case at the Topeka Rescue Mission. Pat Mahoney, the community liaison for homeless
students, says kids flood into the classroom once they get off the bus at the Mission. Pat spends a lot of time at the Rescue Mission and is making a difference for the children who stay there.
For these reasons, Pat Mahoney is TPS' latest Above and Beyond Award winner. “Pat is one of those employees who goes way above and beyond,” says Sue Grosdidier, who nominated Pat for the award. “She spends her own time and resources to assist families at the mission. She has been so good at finding resources for those kids. We have a STEM program there that she has absolutely evolved.”
Pat is in her third year working with the students who stay at the rescue mission. She is part of a team that includes a teacher and tutor who are paid for by a grant. The classroom is open after school for any student staying at the mission and who is enrolled in school. The classroom is also used for a summer school program. Attendance is voluntary and about 20 students attend each school day.

For Pat, she just loves working with the kids. “I just like to give them the consistency that all children need. I feel the staff and I are giving them a secure place to be, a place where they know it is safe and they can come in and ask questions. We can review what happened with them in school and read with them and enhance their math skills”.

Thank you, Pat, for all you do for Topeka's kids!

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