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Prairie Band Donation Supports Summer Program

Topeka Public Schools appreciates all the businesses and individuals who make donations to Topeka Public Schools.  For example, the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation recently donated $1,000 to the Indian Education summer program.  This program gives students an opportunity for learning that they might not have had without such a donation.  Thank you Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and all who donate to help our students have more educational opportunities.

2015 Distinguished Staff Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our Distinguished Staff Award (DSA) winners this year. The DSA is the highest honor Topeka Public Schools bestows on its employees and these remarkable staff members will be honored at a reception on April 1st at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. In the meantime, feel free to congratulate them on this wonderful achievement!

Custodial- Catherin Southern, Highland Park Central
Operations and Maintenance- Ron Morehead, THS and Service Ctr
Office Personnel- Carleen Lister, Burnett Ctr
Support Staff- Laura Maike, Burnett Ctr
Food Service- Patricia Adolphson, Eisenhower MS
Paraprofessional- Julie Smoot, Eisenhower MS

Pre-K-5th Educator- Adriane Evans, Quincy Elem
Middle School Educator- Lynette Stueve, French MS
High School Educator- Erich Singer, THS
Support Staff- Angela Dick, Burnett Ctr
Administrator- Brady Dean, Burnett Ctr

First Year Teacher-
Elementary- Amber Bagwell, Lowman Hill
Secondary- Barbara Atkins, Robinson MS

Eisenhower Students Go Healthy

As we welcome in a new year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions. The most common changes Americans resolve to make involve their health and fitness. Making better nutrition choices, exercising more and losing weight all seem to be priorities for folks in January. However, the students at Eisenhower Middle School don’t need a new year to motivate them to make healthy decisions; each school day offers that opportunity!
Once upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, Eisenhower students arriving at school would sit on bleachers in the school’s gym, waiting for the first bell to ring. This ritual went on for years, until one day when the staff decided to try something new. The bleachers were pushed up into the wall and when the students walked in, rather than plop themselves on the bleachers, they were instructed to walk laps around the gym until it was time for first hour. The kids were free to listen to music on their personal devices and chat with their friends, just as …

TPS Staff Gather Honors

Congratulations to Jessica Figueroa, principal of Whitson Elementary. She was one of 14 women to graduate from YWCA Topeka’s first Women’s Leadership Academy class, “Women’s Leadership Momentum,” this fall where she represented Topeka Public Schools. Also, congratulations to Juanita Erickson, General Director of Elementary Education, and Brandon Evans, para-professional at Williams Science and Fine Arts Magnet School. They were selected as members of the 2015 Leadership Greater Topeka class, a program sponsored by the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce. According to the Topeka Chamber of Commerce, this program identifies outstanding potential leaders from various components of the community and teaches participants how to lead in a community setting. Class members will attend a retreat and eight day-long sessions between January and May to learn about challenges facing the City of Topeka and Shawnee County and how they can work to influence community issues and problems. …

Pat Mahoney - Above & Beyond

Meet Pat Mahoney, Topeka Public Schools' latest Above and Beyond Award winner... After a full day in the classroom, most students aren’t interested in going to another classroom, but that is not the case at the Topeka Rescue Mission. Pat Mahoney, the community liaison for homeless
students, says kids flood into the classroom once they get off the bus at the Mission. Pat spends a lot of time at the Rescue Mission and is making a difference for the children who stay there. For these reasons, Pat Mahoney is TPS' latest Above and Beyond Award winner. “Pat is one of those employees who goes way above and beyond,” says Sue Grosdidier, who nominated Pat for the award. “She spends her own time and resources to assist families at the mission. She has been so good at finding resources for those kids. We have a STEM program there that she has absolutely evolved.”
Pat is in her third year working with the students who stay at the rescue mission. She is part of a team that in…

Dias de Aplication para Educacion a Temprana Edad


Early Childhood Application Day


Summer Sports Camps

Topeka Public Schools - Summer Sports Camps

Camps are free and available to all TPS students who are currently in the 4th and 5th grades.  Camps will be held at the middle schools.  Campers will work on developing and improving skills and general game knowledge.  Campers can attend sessions for volleyball, football and basketball.  Campers may attend one or more sessions.

Enrollment forms and additional information will be available at parent-teacher conferences on February 18 and 19.

High School Elective Fair

Few transitions in a student’s life are as nerve-wracking and uncertain as that of the switch from middle to high school. To ease her students’ minds, Landon Middle School’s 8th grade guidance counselor, Jean Ryan, organized the school’s first High School Elective Fair on Thursday, January 22nd. This event provided an opportunity for next year’s freshmen to select electives that will interest them. “A lot of the students didn’t know what electives to enroll in for high school. The course blurbs don’t give a lot of information,” Ryan said. So she set up the Elective Fair to give the students an idea of what to expect in elective classes next year. Students spent the morning visiting a table for each elective-- 22 in all-- that was manned by a current high school student who could tell them about the class and answer questions. The 8th graders had four minutes to spend at each table before moving on to the next. Students from Topeka High School and Topeka West High School …

Living the Dream Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following TPS students who are 2015 Martin Luther King Living the Dream contest winners in poetry, essay and art.


5th & 6th Grade
Ryleigh Atkinson-McLaury2nd placeJardine Middle School
7th & 8th Grade
Tierra Jones1st placeJardine Middle School
11th & 12th Grade
Brianna Jackson1st placeTopeka High School

3rd & 4th Grade
Tiffany Dismang1st placeMcCarter Elementary School
11t h& 12th Grade
Devin Locke2nd placeTopeka West High School
11th & 12th Grade
Khadijah Davis3rd placeTopeka West High School

1st & 2nd Grade
Andre Douglas-Counts1st placeQuincy Elementary School
1st & 2nd Grade
Veida Dias2nd placeQuincy Elementary School
1st & 2nd Grade
Cate Falk3rd place              Randolph Elementary School
3rd & 4th Grade
Marlene Bermudez1st placeQuincy Elementary School
3rd & 4th Grade
Crystal Romero2nd placeQuincy Elementary School
3rd & 4th Grade
Kayla Ann Marr3rd place

Hiring Fair - January 14

Topeka Public Schools – Hiring Fair
Wednesday, January 14
2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Burnett Center
624 SW 24th Street

If you have a love of working with youth and are available one or more days a week, even ½ days, we will be interviewing for the following substitute positions:

·Substitute Teachers (60 college hours required)
·Substitute Paraprofessionals
·Substitute Food Service
·Substitute Custodial


Educacion a Temprana Edad

Feria Informativ para Educacion a Temprana Edad de las Escuelas Publicas de Topeka.

Cuando:  jueves, 15 de enero del 2015           Donde:  Quinton Heights, 2331 SW Topeka Blvd.

Venga y hable con representantes de los siguientes programas de educacion a temprana edad:

Accion Communitaria Head Start
Padres como Maestros
Programa de Intervencion Preescolar
Programa de Dos Idiomas Scott
Sheldon Head Start
Pre-kinder Estatal

Preguntas?  Llama al:  785.295.3109

Early Childhood Information Fair

Topeka Public Schools will hold an Early Childhood Information Fair on Thursday, January 15th from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Quinton Heights Education Center at 2331 SW Topeka Blvd.

Come and meet representatives from the following early childhood programs:
Community Action Head Start
Parents as Teachers
Preschool Intervention Program
Scott Dual Language Program
Sheldon Head Start
State Pre-K
If you have questions, call (785) 295-3109