Student Art Spreads Holiday Cheer Downtown

Quincy Elementary students have taken their art “downtown.”  Kimberly Adam, signature art coordinator at Quincy, was contacted about having some of her students display their art in storefront windows along Kansas Avenue during the holiday season.  She thought it was a good idea.  The kids began creating holiday seasonal banners to hang in the windows of two downtown stores.  It took one and a half weeks to create the banners.  “The banners were laid out on the classroom floor and the kids saw it growing and really loved it,” said Adam.  The students and their teacher helped hang the banners in the windows of 822 and 824 South Kansas Avenue.  Asked what he thought about having the art work on display for all to see downtown, fourth grade student Norris McKinney said, “I feel happy, I feel inspired.”  The banners will help add to the holiday season downtown through the first of the year.


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