Quincy Elementary - Student Recognition & Opportunities

Some fun and exciting things are happening at Quincy Elementary these days!
Quincy, a signature art school, boasts a strong arts program and its students are constantly churning out little masterpieces. Earlier this month, a mural painted b...
y Quincy students was hung prominently in downtown Topeka. One little artist who contributed to that piece, Callie Jones, will also have her work published in the 2015 Kansas Fire Safety Poster. Callie’s work was chosen from 110 entries across the state in the Second Annual Office of the State Fire Marshal Fire Safety Poster Contest.

Another Quincy student, a young man named Joshua, won the Topeka Public Schools Holiday Card Contest this year. The district’s students were invited to submit holiday-themed pictures to be considered for the annual TPS holiday card. Joshua’s simple yet colorful depiction of a Christmas tree won the challenge and was printed on cards that were sent out by school board members and district administrators.

In addition to being recognized for their artistic abilities, Quincy students are also receiving the opportunity to do some fun and creative learning. Students in second grade created books inspired by their photos of wind. Second grade teacher Tara Jones commented that the art-integrated lesson engaged those students that previously had trouble focusing on writing tasks. She also added, “The handmade books displayed some of the best writing of the year!” The second grade classes also infused drama into their language arts lesson through a reenactment of the book “The Great Gracie Chase: Stop that Dog!” to emphasize sequence of events. What a fun and creative lesson!
Meanwhile, the art room was literally snapping with creative collaborations in music and illustration with Artist in Residence Shane Evans. Shane started his presentation with some guitar music that inspired the students to join in snapping their fingers and clapping out rhythms. Shane then shared his cartooning talents illustrating characters that were inspired by student suggestions. Mackenzie, a fifth grader, started off one drawing session with a fiction writing idea that she has been working on: Zombie Apocalypse. By the end of the session, Shane had created a new super hero with drawing tools in her pockets and, at the insistence of the audience, Bacon Man had entered the story. Mackenzie stopped by the next day and said she had already completed the title cover page for her novel, “Zombie Apocalypse and Bacon.”
Shane read his book “Olu’s Dream” and ended the presentation sharing his sketchbook and the singing “Olu’s Dream” theme song. (“…your imagination has no boundaries…you can be who you want to be….dream oh dream…..bring these dreams to life”)
Ms. Jacobs, kindergarten teacher, said several of her students arrived the next day to school with sketchbook and drawing tools ready to record their own ideas for a story!
The teachers and students at Quincy continue to impress and entertain us with their creativity. Keep up the great work, Roadrunners!

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