McEachron Elementary Students Spread Holiday Cheer


McEachron Elementary students recently went on a Christmas carol tour as a fun reward for bringing in canned goods to be donated to the Topeka Rescue Mission.

After winning a donation competition, Mrs. Kaufman’s kindergarten class, (who brought in a whopping 637 cans of food), Mrs. Houghtaling’s third grade class, (who donated 284 canned goods), and the school’s entire student council were all treated to a day out of the classroom to spread a little holiday cheer. Led by principal Vic Williams- who played the guitar while the children sang- the students visited the Topeka Public Schools administration office, Brewster Place, the Veteran’s Administration building and the Topeka Rescue Mission. They sang Christmas carols, smiled brightly and basically improved the day for everyone lucky enough to hear their sweet little voices!

After the caroling fun, McEachron’s Student Council members collected the donations from each classroom and loaded them into a van for delivery to the Rescue Mission. Once there, Mr. Williams, Student Council President Jamias, Secretary Aniyah and Treasurer Emily helped unload all the food items. That was no easy task, either: the school donated 3,289 items, making this annual event McEachron’s most successful yet!
Way to go, Mustangs!!

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