Shaner Elementary Students Learn Together

Today we visited Shaner Elementary School…

Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood, Shaner is the smallest elementary school in the district. Its peaceful setting and lower student numbers make this school warm and welcoming, and we were honored to meet the students and staff who call Shaner home.

One of the prevailing themes that emerged during our walk through the school was that the kids seem to genuinely like each other. Perhaps that is because of Shaner’s small size and secluded locale, or it may be due to the fact that the teachers seem to give them so many opportunities to work together. Regardless of the reason, it was obvious that the students get along well with each other and are in an atmosphere that promotes teamwork.

The ability to work with others is a skill that will help Shaner students for years to come. Studies have shown that students who learn to work as part of a team have better communication and conflict-resolution skills, are more creative and better at time management, have stronger listening skills, and are better able to compromise and work toward a common goal.

Throughout the building, we witnessed Shaner students learning and working in groups. They seemed to have a true understanding of teamwork, as they helped each other acquire a new skill, complete a task or reach a goal. The building’s teachers clearly foster these relationships; students were consistently given opportunities to work together in pairs or in small groups, building relationships that allow them to learn and grow as individuals and as a team.

Shaner Elementary students and staff don’t just go to school every day; they go to a true community, built around shared goals and values, and nurtured with respect and kindness. Teachers that facilitate student relationships and kids that support one another help make Topeka Public Schools a great place to be!

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