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TPS Foundation Awards Grants

The Topeka Public Schools Foundation recently awarded more than $35,000 in grants to 36 Topeka Public Schools teachers. Yesterday, the Grant Patrol, led by the foundation’s executive director, Pamela Johnson-Betts , surprised teachers in six classrooms to inform them of their grant’s approval. The teachers were all smiles as they learned that their special projects would receive funding.
The TPSF allocations committee awarded grants for classroom, school and district-wide innovative projects and grants that provide opportunities for students that may not otherwise be possible. Johnson-Betts said the Foundation annually distributes educational grant dollars to Topeka Public Schools because, “grant dollars provide needed support to the district, endorse educators’ creativity and benefit students with expanded educational opportunies.”

Informacion de Salud

Mensaje de Salud de parte de las Escuelas Públicas de Topeka
Dr. Julie Putnam, coordinadora de los servicios de enfermería

Las Escuelas Públicas de Topeka, en asociación con El Departamento de Salud y Medio Ambiente de Kansas (KDHE, por sus siglas en inglés) y la Agencia de Salud del Condado Shawnee (SCHA, por sus siglas en inglés), están siguiendo a cera la situación del virus del Ébola y el estado de otras enfermedades transmisibles incluyendo el Enterovirus D68. Cualquier cambio a las medidas de control de infección del distrito se implementará usando las directrices del KDHE y SCHA.

Actualmente, el personal de enfermería desinfecta las clínicas de las escuelas diariamente y/o después de la visita de cada estudiante/miembro del personal/visitante como una medida de control para reducir y controlar la propagación de las enfermedades transmisibles. Usando los productos aprobados por el distrito, se desinfectan varias áreas de las clínicas (ej., camas, tel…

Health Information - EV-D68 and Ebola

Health Message from Topeka Public Schools
Dr. Julie Putnam, coordinator nursing services

Topeka Public Schools, in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Shawnee County Health Agency (SCHA), is closely monitoring the Ebola situation and the status of other communicable diseases including Enterovirus D68.Updates to the district’s infection control measures will be implemented based on directives from KDHE and SCHA.
Currently nursing staff disinfect the school clinics on a daily basis and/or after each student/staff/visitor visit as a control measure to reduce and control the spread of communicable diseases.Using district approved products various areas of the clinic are disinfected (e.g., cots, phone, bathroom, countertops, and door knobs).

When a student/staff member/visitor complains of not feeling well during the school day nursing services personnel utilize standard precautions (e.g. gloves) as indicated and document…

Topeka Public Schools Holding Career Fair


Topeka High Football - Date Changed

The original date and time for the Topeka High School versus Washburn Rural High School home game has changed!  Here is the new date and time.

TOPEKA HIGH vs. WASHBURN RURAL 8:00 p.m., Friday, October 24, 2014 Yager Stadium, Washburn University Gates Open at 6:30 p.m.

THS JROTC Donates Teddy Bears

The Topeka High School JROTC recently donated 165 stuffed animals- one for each JROTC member at the school- to the Topeka Police Department. The donation was in support of the young TPS student who was abducted from her home last month. 

Law enforcement officers often use stuffed animals to calm and comfort children in times of crisis. This large donation by the THS students will ensure that many children will have a fuzzy friend to cuddle during a difficult time. 

Great job THS JROTC---we're so proud of the great things you do for this community!!!

Topeka Metro Unveils TPS-Themed Bus


Volunteers Active at Stout Elementary

We recently got the chance to visit the students and staff at Stout Elementary. A small, quiet school secluded in a peaceful neighborhood near Washburn University, Stout has a dedicated team of staff members that help provide a sense of community within the school. The level of engagement between teacher and student is matched only by the level of engagement between staff members. Everyone works together like a well-oiled machine to produce the best possible outcome for Stout’s nearly 250 students, and the result is giggling, happy faces, eager to learn…even on rainy Mondays.

Despite the dreary weather, Stout’s students and staff came to school ready to be productive. But productivity no longer means listening to a teacher lecture for hours on end about grammar and long division. Such strategies have been replaced by small group skill-building, hands-on learning, and by using the latest in classroom technology. These measures help ensure that students are engaged, partic…

TPS Students Visit Westar