Landon Middle School Kids Utilize Hands-On Learning

Landon Middle School science teacher Brandon Macha took advantage of the beautiful weather last Friday by getting his students up and out of the classroom. They have been studying the human eye and how light and lenses work together. On Friday, the students used a special box called a camera obscura, which illustrates the similarities between a camera and an eye. This activity follows up a unit that also included dissecting a cow’s eye. 

Meanwhile, students inside the building were also having fun at school. In art class, students were designing paper cubes that displayed a different element on each side (ie: line, shape, texture, etc.) and in math class, students played games with dice to reinforce their skills. Another class was treated to an animated discussion about economics (seriously… it was quite entertaining!).

With so many interesting things happening at Landon, it’s no wonder the students always seem so happy! 

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