HPC to Begin Remodeling Project

As of Friday, September 5th at 4:00 pm, the main entrance to Highland Park Central Elementary School will close for remodeling. This project will transform the front entrance of the school, making the building more secure, more convenient and more attractive. It is an exciting project, but it will require some minor, temporary adjustments while it is completed.

Procedure for Dropping Off and Picking Up Students:
Parents dropping off and picking up their children should use Indiana St. There are two gates that lead from Indiana St. onto the school playground, which the children will walk across to reach the west entry of the building. It is very important that vehicles that are dropping off and picking up children be heading NORTH. Please DO NOT attempt to drop off or pick up passengers while in the southbound lane, as we do not want our students to have to walk through traffic to reach the school.
Bus drop off and pick up locations and procedures will not be affected.

HPC Annex:
The annex at HPC will be unaffected by the construction. The back doors on the west side of the main building, as well as the front and back doors on the annex, will remain accessible for students and staff. The annex will continue to utilize the camera and intercom/buzzer system already in place.

Procedure for Visiting HPC During the School Day:
The temporary main entrance will be the double doors on the south side of the main building. The security cameras and the intercom/buzzer to the school secretary will be located there. VISITORS TO HIGHLAND PARK CENTRAL MUST CHECK IN WITH THE MAIN OFFICE UPON ENTERING THE BUILDING. The classroom doors will be closed and locked during the school day for security. Off-street parking is available on the north and south sides of the building, but please refrain from parking in the south west parking lot.

These changes will remain in effect through January. Thank you for your patience!



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