TPS Kitchen Staff Gets Ready for Hungry Kids

Students and teachers aren’t the only ones gearing up for the new school year. The child nutrition services staff spent the morning brushing up on their skills in a workshop held at Jardine Middle School.

Each of the employees received a welcome back packet, which included bright, new aprons and workbooks for today’s event. The fun morning included breakfast and a t-shirt raffle.

KSDE Cadre Trainer Donna Keyser led the morning session. There, the employees reviewed the food groups and serving sizes required to meet nutrition standards. District child nutrition services staff member Carmen Lovan also reviewed students' civil rights in the cafeteria (ie- each student receives the same amount of food).

The child nutrition services staff works hard to ensure that each child receives a tasty, nutritious meal at school every day. And they clearly enjoy their work. Niki Janke, General Director of Child Nutrition Services, reports that all but two employees in the district’s dozens of kitchens are returning from last year. That’s a lot of happy staff members!

We appreciate all of the planning and preparation that goes into feeding the district’s over 14,000 students every day. Thank you to all of the child nutrition services staff members--- we hope you have a fantastic school year!

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