Highland Park Central Under Construction

Wow! Major changes are happening at Highland Park Central Elementary School these days!

In addition to new principal Kelley Norman joining the staff, and new HPC Facebook and Twitter pages being unveiled, there are also major structural changes taking place at the school.
Thanks to the overwhelming public support of the Securing Our Future bond initiative last April, Topeka Public Schools was able to secure funds to make numerous enhancements across the district. This summer, the Information Technology department has been implementing many of the technology upgrades. But the first major structural enhancement has taken place at Highland Park Central.

The lower level kindergarten classrooms have long had exterior doors, exposing the children to the elements and potential security risks each time they moved to another part of the main building. Deputy Superintendent of Operations Larry Robbins said, "It was one area that we identified as a security issue and we wanted to make sure we addressed it as quickly as possible to make the students safer and more comfortable at school."

Walls and ceilings have been cut through to make room for a new interior staircase, and an exterior hallway and new entryway will be added for extra security and convenience. 

Even the playground has a fresh look with lots of new mulch. So many exciting new changes at HPC are sure to make this year an awesome one!

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