Free Summer Meals for Children Age 1 Through 18

Free Summer Meals for Children Age 1 to 18

Topeka Public Schools participates in the Summer Food Program.
Our program runs June 2 through July 17, 2014.

Nutritious meals and snacks will be served at the following locations. Please check Channel 14 or for individual site addresses and meal schedules.

-Antioch Family Life Center (starts June 16th)
Breakfast- 8:00-8:30/ Lunch- 12:00-1:00

-Asbury Mount Olive
Breakfast- 8:30-9:00/ Lunch- 11:30-12:30

-Avondale East/NET Reach
Lunch- 12:00-1:00

-Central Park Community Center
Lunch- 11:45-12:45/ Snack- 2:45-3:15

-Chase Middle School
Breakfast-7:30-8:45/Lunch- 11:30-12:30

-Highland Park High School
Breakfast- 7:30-8:30/ Lunch-11:45-12:45

-Hillcrest Community Center
Lunch- 11:30-12:30/Snack- 2:45-3:15

-Meadows Elementary (ends June 27th)
Breakfast- 7:30-8:30/ Lunch- 11:15-12:15

-Quincy Elementary
Breakfast- 7:45-8:45/ Lunch- 11:30-12:30

-Ross Elementary (ends June 27th)
Breakfast- 7:30-8:30/ Lunch- 11:30-12:30

-The Salvation Army (ends July 10th)
Breakfast- 8:15-9:00/ Lunch- 12:00-12:30

-Scott Magnet School
Breakfast- 7:30-8:45/ Lunch- 11:30-12:30

-Westminster Presbyterian Church
Lunch- 12:00-1:00

-YMCA- Downtown Branch
Lunch- 11:15-12:15

Daycares are welcome!

For additional sites please call 295-3070.

New- Mobile Canteen Box Lunches at:

The Salvation Army Parking Lot
 May 27-30 and July 13-August 12
 from 12:30-1:00

Central Park Community Center Parking Lot
May 27-30 and July 21-August 12
from 11:15-11:45

Abbott Community Center Parking Lot
July 21-August 12
from 11:45-12:15

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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