Topeka High Student Awarded ROTC Scholarship

Emily Daigler has a bright military future.  Daigler, who lives in Wabaunsee County but attends Topeka High School, is the battalion commander for the Topeka High Marine Junior ROTC unit.  She was recognized by the board of education April 3 for receiving an ROTC scholarship of up to $180,000. The Marine Corps scholarship is for highly qualified, highly educated seniors in high schools throughout the country and is awarded based on a student’s community service, leadership positions, ACT and GPA.  Marine Captain Landon Dunaway, the executive officer of the Kansas City recruiting station, handed Emily a check with the amount written on it.  “I have served with a lot of Marine Corps officers, she has what it takes.  As long as she attacks the next 4 years like she did the previous 4 years, she will make a great Marine Corps officer,” said Dunaway.

The scholarship allows Emily to choose to attend any one of 130 colleges and universities.  She chose to attend the University of Michigan where she told school board members that she wants to major in nuclear engineering.  Upon graduation, Emily will be commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  That brought praise from school board members.  “We are exceptionally proud of you.  You are a real model for the rest of your fellow students who can see, this is what we always hope, is that hard work really pays off.  Good luck to you,” said School Board Vice President Peg McCarthy.   ”Thank you for choosing Topeka Public Schools for your education,” said board member Nancy Kirk.  “We have a motto at our schools that you can get there from here and you can get there from Wabaunsee County to Topeka Public Schools.  Thank you for enriching our schools by joining us.”

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