Voter Registration For School Bond

Shawnee County Election Commissioner Andrew Howell would like to remind voters within the USD 501 School District to make sure their voter registration is up to date at their current address for the upcoming mail ballot election. Ballots will be automatically mailed to voters who are registered prior to Monday, March 10th. The ballot will be mailed to the address on file in the Election Office at that time. The date of the election is April 8, 2014.

Voter registration remains open until Wednesday, March 19th. However, those who register between March 10th and March 19th are required to fill out an additional application before a ballot may be mailed to them pursuant to the Mail Ballot Election Act [K.S.A. 25-431 et seq. as amended].

Anyone with any questions concerning their voter registration status or about voting procedures for this mail ballot election may call the Election Office at (785) 266-0285. Further information on the USD 501 Mail Ballot Election is also available on the Shawnee County Election website at
Those voters with special needs who require assistance should call the Election Office at (785) 266-0285.

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