Subway's Jared Visits McCarter Elementary

The students at McCarter Elementary hosted Jared Fogle, a.k.a. “Jared the Subway Guy,” on Monday, March 3rd as they kicked off their school’s Fresh Start Challenge. 

Jared spoke to the kids at an all-school assembly, telling them about how he got healthy and how they can have a healthier lifestyle, too. He showed them some simple exercises they can do at home and encouraged them participate in the Fresh Start Challenge program.

As a 20-year-old college student, Jared weighed over 425 pounds. In one year he lost 245 pounds by eating a six-inch turkey sub for lunch and a foot-long veggie sub for dinner- minus the mayo, oil and cheese, of course. After the success of his self-invented “Subway Diet,” a friend wrote an article about Jared in their college newspaper. It was soon picked up by Men’s Health magazine, and eventually the folks at Subway heard about Jared’s inspirational story. The sandwich chain asked him to do a 30-second ad for them and now, 15 years and over 300 commercials later, Jared focuses on helping kids become healthier.

One way Jared inspires kids is by promoting the Fresh Start Challenge. During the program, which is free and open to kids ages 5-14, students will journal their eating and exercise habits and be entered to win $1,000 worth of PE equipment, a $250 Subway gift card or various smaller prizes. The 75 students in McCarter’s Running Club will be the “ambassadors” of the contest for their classmates. Each student who enters the Fresh Start Challenge will be given a coupon for a free Subway sandwich to help them get started. 

Jared, who still makes commercials several times a year, also travels hundreds of days per year- attending everything from Nascar races to heart walks. He lists sporting events as his favorite celebrity perk. “Superbowl, NCAA Final Four, Nascar races… things that would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’ve gotten to do a bunch of times, and I don’t take that for granted…it’s pretty cool stuff.”More than the fringe benefits, though, Jared likes being able to positively influence kids. “I love getting positive e-mails and letters from kids who, six months later, still follow (my) advice. I know the message is getting out there and people can relate to my story.”

Good luck on your Fresh Start Challenge, Mustangs!!!

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