TPS Students to Compete at Shawnee County Spelling Bee

The Topeka Capital-Journal’s 61st Annual Shawnee County Spelling Bee will take place on Saturday, February 15th at 1:00. About 75 of the county’s best spellers will compete to see who will represent Shawnee County at the regional spelling bee next month. The winner of the regional bee will move forward to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in May.
Topeka Public Schools is proud to have many spellers competing this weekend in the county division:

Avondale West- Ed Bailey, 5th Grade
Bishop- Jasmyne Williams, 5th Grade
Eisenhower- Devin Belk, 7th Grade
French- Maddie Vinyard, 6th Grade
Jardine- Rachel Wooten, 8th Grade
Lowman Hill- MacKenzie Stone, 5th Grade; Gaea Tradio, 5th Grade
McEachron- Gavin Johnson, 4th Grade; Gavin Vinyard, 4th Grade; Alexis Vu, 4th Grade
Meadows- James Peck, 4th Grade; Jude Wright, 4th Grade
Quincy- Joann Romero, 4th Grade
Randolph- Alexandrea Bright, 4th Grade
Robinson- Alyssa Clift, 7th Grade; Tonyce Jackson, 8th Grade; Isaiah Phelps, 8th Grade; Gabe Ryan, 8th Grade; Brittany Sirridge, 8th Grade
Shaner- Zoe Brown, 5th Grade; Ebony Morrow, 5th Grade; Drevion Smith, 4th Grade; Americka Whetstone, 5th Grade
State Street- Zahra Ghazi, 5th Grade
Stout- Elliot Akerstrom, 4th Grade; Dominic Brandenburg, 5th Grade; Skylar Ready, 4th Grade
Whitson- Jack Carter, 5th Grade; Ayden Willis, 5th Grade
Williams- Keegan Hook-Gallagher, 5th Grade

Good luck at the bee, spellers!

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