Topeka Public Schools Foundation Visits Brewster Place

As part of the Topeka Public Schools Foundation’s mission to engage the community and to serve as ambassadors for Topeka Public Schools, the foundation’s executive director, Pamela Johnson-Betts, recently gave a presentation at Brewster Place Retirement Community. 

Several residents in attendance had ties to TPS, including former school board member Fred Rausch, Lew Mills, a former TPS teacher, and Donald Patterson whose children are TPS graduates. The group had fond memories and several personal stories to tell about their experiences with Topeka Public Schools.

While several attendees were not originally from the Topeka community, they all had good memories of being educated in public schools. 

All had several questions about the current Topeka Public Schools demographics, what services and programs were now available to our students, how the foundation raises funds to support TPS, and who benefits from the donations.

Sharing ideas and keeping community members apprised of the district’s programs & services is just one of the many ways the Topeka Public Schools Foundation reaches out to the community on behalf of Topeka Public Schools.

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