Living the Dream Art Contest Recognizes Many TPS Students

The 2014 Living the Dream Art Competition announced its winners, and Topeka Public Schools was well represented. The art competition was open to students from 1st through 12th grades and was inspired by Rev. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy. Students submitted artwork for the contest, which is in its 13th year, and the top three winners in each grade category were announced.

1st and 2nd Grade
                1st Place: Danniell Johnson…Quincy Elementary
                2nd Place: Kayden Gibbs…Logan Elementary
                3rd Place: Elizabeth Escalante…Williams Magnet School
3rd and 4th Grade
                1st Place: Jaq’Son Bush…Williams Magnet School
                2nd Place: Amaiya Washington… Williams Magnet School
                3rd Place: Kristina Branch… Williams Magnet School
5th and 6th Grade
                1st Place: Hailey Zimmerman…French Middle School
                2nd Place: Trina Jabary…Quincy Elementary
                3rd Place: Ann Beall…Robinson Middle School
7th and 8th Grade
                1st Place: KayShiona Acquaye…Jardine Middle School
                2nd Place: Wilnarean Lee…Chase Middle School
                3rd Place: Megan Lucas…Washburn Rural Middle School
9th and 10th Grade
                1st Place: Tru Terrell…Washburn Rural High School
                2nd Place: Stephaun Gales…Highland Park High School
                3rd Place: DaShawn Williams…Highland Park High School
11th and 12th Grade
                1st Place: Vincent Johnson… Highland Park High School
                2nd Place: Abel Sanchez… Highland Park High School
                3rd Place: Erika Spaulding… Highland Park High School

Congratulations to all of these talented artists!

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