Laird Noller Partners with Topeka Public Schools

Laird Noller, a well-established Topeka business, is demonstrating their commitment to the Topeka community and to Topeka Public Schools by offering unique learning experiences for both instructors and students. TPS has formed a partnership with Laird Noller to offer exciting new educational opportunities to its students. This partnership will allow the district’s automotive instructors to attend training classes at the Ford training facility in Kansas City and will provide assistance in developing Topeka Public Schools’ curriculum in the automotive area, among many other benefits.

Because of this training, TPS students will be better equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. In addition to more specialized training, students will have opportunities to take tours, job shadow, participate in internships, and be exposed to the most advanced technology available in automotive repair. 

Laird Noller seeks to employ a well-trained and well-educated workforce, and they’re taking proactive measures to make that happen. Larry Robbins, Deputy Superintendant of Operations for Topeka Public Schools, credits Laird Noller with being a good corporate citizen. “They’re exposing students to career opportunities in their own backyard, where they can learn a trade and be enticed to practice that career right here in Topeka, without having to venture out into other parts of the state or country.”

This partnership is yet another unique opportunity available to students at Topeka Public Schools. Westar, Valeo and Stormont-Vail have also partnered with TPS to enhance the curriculum and provide additional learning opportunities. 

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