Overview Gets New Look

Topeka Public Schools’ Overview staff newsletter has gone through many changes during its forty-year existence. For 2013-14, it has returned to a paged-format with a fresh look inspired by online trends in news publishing.

The new layout features a table of contents, alongside a condensed monthly calendar-list, right below the masthead. Articles are presented in two-columns, each separated by a simple “golden” rule (actually, the color is supposed to be copper). An underlying grid system makes positioning images a snap. Whitespace is increased, as is the font-size. The colophon (publisher’s information) has been moved to the bottom of the last page, along with the non-discrimination statement.

The masthead itself is also seeing some changes… which were not complete at the time the first issue was published in September. Instead, the district’s annual theme of “We are Topeka Public Schools” is a banner obscuring a sketch of the new masthead underneath. Expect to see progress on the masthead in subsequent issues.

The style of the Overview has evolved over time as printing and layout technologies have improved. Recently, the Overview was switched from a paged-publication to an e-digest format. The story-links allowed for a greater volume of stories to be shared, and better leveraged the body of electronic news already generated by the Communications department and elsewhere online.

The Overview can be found on the district Web site under “Staff”.

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