Students Learn About Careers at Westar Energy

Would you like to look into your future?  Seven high school students are getting that opportunity this summer as they spend two weeks at Westar Energy.  The students are from Topeka High, Topeka West and Highland Park.  During their time at Westar, they will learn about the utility company and how science, technology, engineering and math  (STEM) play an important role for those employed by Westar.

 The program helps students in Topeka Public Schools, but also benefits Westar.  “In five to ten years, we will be losing 50-60% of our work force, so how do we recruit the next best and brightest,” said Westar Recruiter Kim Konecny.  “We want them (students) to understand that STEM is going to be important in K-12 to be successful.”

One of the objectives of the program is for students to come up with a plan to get students of all ages excited about possible careers at Westar.  The students presented their plan to Westar and Topeka Public School staff at the end of their two week program.

Topeka West student John Works was one of those involved in the Westar program.  “I think it was an excellent program.  There were a lot of new opportunities I did not know that Westar had.  I learned about many jobs like power marketing and what they do here and what it has to do with saving customers money.”

Last year, ten high school students were involved in the Westar program.

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