NOTO Summer Arts Camp

Quincy Elementary is a signature arts school which means students get many opportunities to participate in arts projects.  The summer is no exception.  Nearly 50 Quincy students are attending a  summer arts camp which this week is being held at NOTO, the North Topeka Arts District.

“At this workshop they are going to be doing a number of really cool art projects,” said Darlene Reginer.  She is the visual arts coordinator for the 21st Century Grant, which funds the summer program.   “They will decorate tote bags, work on art pieces that will hang on the wall and work on a giant mosaic that goes on the front of Quincy School.”  New this year will be creating art for the community.  Students will be creating art to place on the walls around NOTO as well as on walls in neighborhoods between the art district and the school.

The summer arts camp is open to students from kindergarten to 5th grade who attend Quincy Elementary.  The camp runs throughout the month of June.    It’s a hit with the students.  “You do a bunch of art work and fun stuff,” said Moises, who will be in the 6th grade this August.  “I like painting and drawing,” said Linda, who will be in the 4th grade.

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