Topeka West Students Set Forensics Record at School

Three forensics students have set records for Topeka West High School this year. This past weekend the three seniors earned 3 5A State Championship Titles for the school.  That is the most state champions ever in the history of TWHS Forensics.  The Seniors are:

Brittany Bodenheimer - State Champion Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Brittany Bodenheimer - State Champion Impromptu Speaking
-another first for TWHS Dual State Championship winner
Joshua Karimi - State Champion Lincoln-Douglas Debate
-Josh also placed 5th in Impromptu and was a Semi-Finalist in Informative Speaking
Helen Sheng - 4th in Oration.

The three students have also qualified for the NFL National Speech and Debate Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama in June.  Brittany double qualified in Congressional Debate and United States Extemporaneous Speaking, but will have to choose only one event, so she is competing in Extemporaneous Speaking.  She will also be competing in Impromptu Speaking.  Joshua qualified in Congressional Debate and will be a Representative in the House Chamber and will also be competing in Impromptu Speaking.  Helen qualified in Oration and will also be competing in Expository Speaking.  The three competitors amassed 44 individual and team awards during the 2013 Competitive Season.

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