School Psychologist Wins State and National Awards

Chris Niileksela, a school psychologist and Measurement and Evaluation Specialist for Topeka Public Schools, has received numerous awards in the last year. Last May, Chris received the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the KU School of Education. His dissertation examined the relationships between cognitive abilities and academic skills for children with learning disabilities. This research led to a better understanding of the cognitive processes that children with learning disabilities use to read, write, and do mathematical calculations.   

Recognition for his exceptional work went beyond the state of Kansas to the national level. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Woodcock-Munoz Foundation at the National Association of School Psychologist’s annual convention.

Chris has worked for TPS for the past three years. He is moving on to work at the University of Kansas as an instructor in the School of Education.

Submitted by Meg Braun
TPS Coordinator School Psychologists

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