Robbins Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

Shaner literacy coach Donna Robbins is the final Above and Beyond Award winner for this school year. She has worked for TPS for four years—two at Shaner Elementary and two at Highland Park Central. She was nominated for the award by Shaner teacher Brenda Joyal and Shaner math coach Yvonne Spalding. 

“Donna Robbins contributes to the success of our school in so many ways,” says Joyal. Spalding adds, “Donna motivates staff with her quick wit, selfless acts of generosity and kindness and the precious gift of her time.”

At the beginning of the school year, Robbins rolled out a red carpet to help students feel like “superstars” as they entered the building for the new school year. She wrote and was awarded a grant from the Topeka Public Schools Foundation that will allow her to bring authors into the school to inspire student writing. In March, she set up a Seuss CafĂ© where students were able to come and “order” a Dr. Seuss book to read and enjoy a snack. “These are only a few of the things Donna has organized for the success of our students,” says Joyal.

Robbins is retiring this year, but she has truly enjoyed her work. “The staff here is great and so are the other coaches,” she says.  “It inspires me that in this day and age when so much is put upon their (teachers) shoulders they still want to give; the kids come first.” 

Donna Robbins

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