Basketball Team Promotes Importance of State Tests

Students taking state assessment tests are just a part of spring time in public schools.  Principals try to come up with all kinds of ways to make students focus on the importance of those tests.  At Capital City Schools, Principal Kristin Bennett invited members of the successful Highland Park High School boys basketball team to talk to students about the importance of state assessments.  Today, with testing finished, the basketball team was invited back to Capital City to scrimmage a team consisting of Capital City school staff.  Each team had one Capital City student playing on it.  “We have six through 12th grades here,” said Bennett.   “The middle school students were thrilled not only to see them the first time, but they are excited to sit down with them now.”  The students and Highland Park players sat down for pizza once the scrimmage ended.  “It’s a great experience for the students and something special for them,” said Bennett.

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