Monday, March 4, 2013

Topeka High Grad Recalls Ranch Life

Sam Carkhuff hadn’t been inside Topeka High since he graduated from there 20 years ago.  He returned last week from his home in Denver to talk to students about being an author and about his first book which recalls his experiences working on a Colorado ranch.  The book is titled Ranch Race.  “I use to tell this story, the ranch race, to the kids around the camp fire at night.  Someone said I should write that story down, so I did,” said Carkhuff.

Carkhuff graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in computer science.  He left that field for five years to work on the ranch.  He experienced a lot during that time, enough that he has five other books in progress.  All of them deal with ranch life and many have the same characters.  “It’s an exciting time, it’s been fun,” said Carkhuff.