Adaptive Tricycles Are Popular With Students

Students with physical challenges need exercise just like other students.  Riding a bicycle is good exercise, but it can be difficult for certain students.  Thanks to Kimberly Wright, an adaptive physical education teacher, students with physical challenges now have access to several Rifton adaptive tricycles.  The tricycle is designed for handicapped riders of all ages and sizes.  The students are able to use the tricycles during their gym time or any time a teacher allows them to use.  “It gives them the experience of being able to ride a bike, it also allows physical fitness that functional students often struggle with,” said Wright.

Wright applied for a grant through the Topeka Active 20-30 Club and received three of the tricycles which will be rotated to schools throughout the district.  The tricycles just arrived and already students and teachers are happy to have them.  “The teachers I have talked to in all my buildings that have the tricycles say the kids just love it.  A student will come in and stand beside it because that’s his way of showing that’s what he likes,” said Wright.

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